STOKE Space Technologies

Lead Software Engineer

06/2022 - present
Kent, WA 🏔
  • Leading the design and implementation of Fusion by STOKE, a SaaS product that solves inventory tracking and work management in the hardware space. Think JIRA for hardware
  • Full-stack development of the entire platform, including a Prisma-powered GraphQL API and a Next.js front-end
  • Coaching and mentoring junior engineers on the team as we tackle an ambiguous problem space
  • Designing, building, and maintaining infrastructure on AWS Fargate, CI/CD, end-to-end testing, and operational observability
  • Occasionally installing a network switch or two at our engine test facilities in the desert


[Promoted] Senior Front-End Engineer III

10/2020 - 06/2022
Seattle, WA 🏔
  • On the ConsumerWeb team tasked with owning and operating the IMDb.com front-ends
  • Team Lead driving IMDb's migration to a Typescript+Next.js/React+GraphQL tech stack
  • Architecting and executing IMDb's AWS migration, responsive redesign, and localization/regionalization efforts
  • Supporting and maintaining legacy properties while working on our next-generation platform


Front-End Engineer II

07/2018 - 09/2020
Seattle, WA 🏔
  • On the Web-UI team tasked with increasing organizational front-end development velocity
  • Built pattern libraries, documentation sites, and CLI build tools to help IMDb.com begin modernizing their site
  • Supported multiple other teams and initiatives across the organization by building libraries/tools to improve both developer and user-experience
  • Shared on-call duty as first line of defense against outages and bad actors

MD Insider

Staff Software Engineer

05/2016 - 06/2018
Santa Monica, CA 🏄‍♂️
  • Lead a full scale overhaul of the companyʼs primary product, moving to an isomorphic/universal Node/React/Redux stack
  • Migrated from AWS EC2 Instances to Google Kubernetes Engine, saving costs and improving time to market by reducing operational overhead.
  • Built a suite of B2B SaaS products that turned around a near-fold startup and led to acquisition in 2019


Staff Software Engineer

01/2015 - 05/2016
Los Angeles, CA 🌴
  • Full-stack developer and front-end lead on a large, multi-national team
  • Team lead for Team Conversion, tasked with improving click-through rates and revenue across the platform
  • Designed and built a multi-team system and pipeline, providing users with interactive stadium seatmap UIs


Digital Engineer

11/2013 - 01/2015
Hollywood, CA 🎬
  • Front-end developer and graphic designer
  • Operated on a small MEAN-stack team
  • Maintained both music news site and in-house CMS


User Interface Developer

09/2012 - 11/2013
Warwick, NY 👨‍🌾
  • Started as a co-op full-stack developer
  • Maintained legacy systems and was fully autonomous on several projects
  • Headed onboarding of incoming co-ops


Rochester Institute of Technology

Software Engineering

(2010 - 2013)

Studied Software Engineering until taking a co-op at Parse3 and was offered a full-time position before returning to school. Classwork was heavily focused on application architecture and emerging technologies, commonly in the form of agile development project teams.

Notable Projects




IMDbNext is an architectural upgrade project that aims to align the direction of the front-end team’s development, deployment, and hosting processes. IMDbNext utilizes modern front-end tooling like React, Next.js, and GraphQL to modernize key aspects of our user experience while shifting IMDb's infrastructure to containerized solutions on AWS. I led the design and implementation of this architecture and in the first year alone grew it to serve over 80% of IMDb's traffic.

PLAID (Pattern Library)



The "Pattern Library for Atomic Interface Design," or PLAID for short, is a design system that aims for adoption across all of IMDb's front-ends. It is fully themeable using CSS vars, supports both React and Java integrations, and is fully accessible and progressively enhanced.

Microfrontend Architecture



The URRF build tool allows developers to iterate on front-end code using all of the latest modern tooling while allowing for completely distributed, "micro-frontend" architectures via deterministic asset generation and AWS lambda server-side-renderer generation.

MD Insider Scout

MD Insider


Served as the primary front-end developer on creating a new isomorphic React and Redux single-page application built with typescript. Scout is a search-engine that allows both patients and professionals to search, filter, and narrow down both doctors and institutions based on an ever-growing set of criteria.

Kubernetes/Google Cloud Migration

MD Insider


Migrated many front-end and back-end services from AWS EC2 instances to the Kubernetes container orchestration system on Google Cloud Platform, allowing for cheaper and more dynamic scaling and an easier-to-maintain architecture.

Interactive Seatmaps



Improved consumers' ticket-buying experience by creating both staff tooling and client-side apps that leverage SVG seatmaps, allowing users to view and choose their tickets down to the very seat.

Go-Live Video Chat Client



Worked closely with our studios to create a fully-integrated video chat client for both viewers and VIPs to dial in a video call to any live program, straight from the website to the studio.

Lucene.NET Solr Faceting Algorithm

Parse3 - Crayola


Created a faceting algorithm to alleviate high server-load and user bounce rates on Crayolaʼs faceted product navigation, utilizing bitwise operations on search index hits to reduce average peak server load by over 66%.

Crayola ColorCycle Program

Parse3 - Crayola


A front-end product still live today on Crayola.com, ColorCycle is a web dashboard allowing educators to generate FedEx shipping labels to return used/empty Crayola markers for recycling. Involved integration with the FedEx SOAP APIs from an ASP.NET/Sitecore codebase.